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Dilanxishi (Shenzhen) Biotech Skin Care Products Co., Ltd. ("Delansie")

A high-tech skin care company based on the study of skin health aesthetics

The main members of the team come from France's top medical beauty research institutions

At the same time, we have a professional team in Hong Kong to conduct special research on skin structure.

Delansie 's R&D team started a special study influenced by the legend of the town of Laudis

After years of painstaking research

Mastered the latest biological science and technology such as cell telomerase activity catalysis, 

biogene engineering bionics, polymer nanosphere carrier hyperosmosis, etc.

Delansie is adhering to the scientific skin care concept

Committed to conditioning the health of every cell

Rejects damage to skin from flavors, pigments, drug hormones, heavy metals, etc

Help modern women solve skin sub-health problems from their roots

Meet the modern women's pursuit of skin health

The story of De lansie originated from the "Sacred Spring" in the small town of Laudis, France.

Here, the ocean and the mountains coexist, and the unique geographical conditions are surrounded by bright sunshine and abundant rain.

One day in 1858, a little girl named Mary Bernard Sobias played in a cave in the mountains.

Suddenly the Virgin Mary appeared in front of her;

The Virgin Mary told the girl that there was a clear spring behind the cave

Clear and sweet spring water can eliminate people's illness and bring people health and happiness.

The Virgin guides Mary lovingly, takes her to the spring to wash her hands, wash her face, and then quietly leaves.

The little girl returned to the town to tell everyone about this news.

Since then, everyone has known the existence of "Holy Spring" and experienced the magic of "Holy Spring".

The founder of Delansie is inspired by the story

Through research, it is found that the reason why Shanquan has such a magical effect is mainly

 because several elements in the spring water have repair cells and therapeutic effects.

The inspired founder of De lansie returned to Hong Kong and translated La petite ville de loudis in English.

Formed the De lansie brand with the founder's emotional color

After more than 100 years of verification

Experienced many setbacks and challenges

Time brings more and better temperament to Female

Delansie brings better and better facial skin to women

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Product Series


Delansie Magic Age series

Magical Age Love Letter Mask-Repair Protection



Delansie Magic Age series

Magical Age Love Letter Mask-Solidification time



Delansie Magic Age series

Magical Age Energy Essence




Multi-effect Amino Acid Cleanser



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